SEA stands for Search engine Advertising. Sometimes called Pay-Per-click (PPC) advertising. You pay per click to appear at the top of search engines such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. With SEA ads you can focus very specifically on the target group that is relevant to you. By setting up your SEA campaigns optimally, you will be more visible within the search engines on searches and topics that are relevant to your company. This improved visibility will eventually get you more relevant website visitors.

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What is SEA?

SEA, also known as search engine advertising, is a way to increase your online visibility within the search engines. Because we see that Google is the most used search engine in practice, we often tailor the ads to Google’s wishes. The goal of SEA, as with SEO, is to attract more visitors to the website who actually convert. This can be, for example, a purchase, but also requesting a quote or making an appointment.

How does SEA work?

With SEA, we can target the target groups that are important to you.
Before we start advertising, it is important that we have insight into which keywords are relevant to your business.
When we have found the right words, we use Google’s advertising tool to compile your ads.
For example, we choose an ad title, but also a relevant description.
When we are satisfied with the layout of your ad, we will start setting up the ad account. We make a logical campaign distribution based on themes, set the desired work area and think about which target group you want to focus on. In addition, it is important that we work with clear objectives and let them return to the Google Ads account. In this way, we can optimize the campaigns based on objectives that are important to you. Once we have finished setting up, we activate the campaigns. The ad is now visible above the organic search results. The big advantage of SEA is that you only pay when a visitor actually clicks on your ad, we call this cost per Click (CPC).

“Microsoft Ads is not yet well known in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, it is an important part of the online marketing strategy of many of our customers. With Microsoft Ads, we ensure that our customers are maximally visible online.”

  • Asel Dzhumashova, Project Manager

SEA-facts you didn’t know

The more visible you are, the more people will come across your products or services within one of their searches. Did you already know that:
  • More than 65 percent of the searches within the Google search engine have a “buyer intent”.
  • With Display, you can reach 90 percent of internet users.
  • Around 80 percent of companies (worldwide, admittedly) use Google Ads.

The components within SEA

Google Ads

Google Ads is Google’s advertising program. With Google Ads you have the opportunity to advertise not only locally, but also nationally and even internationally. Together with you, we determine where your ads generate the most return and we ensure that the right people see them.
Google Ads Display
With the Google Ads Display Network, you can use a banner campaign to boost your brand awareness. Worldwide, the Google Display Network reaches 90% of all internet users. When Will you start using Google Ads Display?
Google Remarketing

By using Google Remarketing, you try to be visible again to a target group that has already visited your website before. These visitors are very valuable, as they have already shown interest in your product or service.

Google Shopping

With Google Shopping you show your products in the virtual shop window of Google Shopping. With this form of advertising, you show the consumer a clear photo, description and price of the product. As a result, the visitor will proceed to conversion faster.

Microsoft Ads

Currently, with a market share of 9%, Microsoft Ads is still a relatively small player in the Netherlands. However, this does not mean that you do not need to focus on this way of advertising. The principle of Microsoft Ads is the same as that of Google Ads, because you increase your online visibility in the search engine.


YouTube is the largest platform for online videos in the world. By being visible on this channel, you bring yourself to the attention of potential customers. It is important that you make the advertisement distinctive for your target group. This way you prevent them from clicking away the advertisement immediately.

Let BULLIT manage your SEA campaigns

Like SEO campaigns, SEA campaigns are always on the move. So you have to keep updating and improving them in order to be able to achieve the maximum return. Do you want to be visible online, but don’t want to set up and manage your SEA campaigns yourself? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities within SEA for your company.

Knowledge and experience in different types of industries

At BULLIT we work for organizations in a wide variety of industries. This allows us to know exactly what works in one industry and what does not work in another. Every week we analyze the results of the ongoing campaigns and then adjust them where necessary. At BULLIT, we are always up to date with the latest insights.

Contact your own SEA Specialist


Within BULLIT you always have contact with your own SEA Specialist. That means that that person is always fully aware of your campaigns and the goals you want to achieve with your business.

We are a full service online marketing agency


SEA is one of the parts of online marketing and works best when the ads are optimally aligned with the rest of your online marketing. At BULLIT we have knowledge about all aspects of online marketing and therefore we are able to determine the right mix for your business.